Rita Hosdaghian is the Senior Visual Production Manager at Barneys New York. In 2015, Rita was selected as an awardee for Makers@ and was recognized for outstanding leadership as an “ADVOCATE” for females within Barneys New York, and was one out of three women who were selected to attend the 2016 Makers conference while participating in conversations and meetings regarding women in leadership & gender parity in the workplace.

Prior to joining Barneys New York in 2012, Rita began her career in custom fabrication, mold making, life casting, and project management for both small & large-scale companies.

Her brief time spent in the U.S. Army from 2003-2004 instilled many values and disciplines to which she still applies to her everyday work ethics.

Rita received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from William Paterson University, and minored in Economics.

Rita Hosdaghian